Real estate trust management in Latvia

On the basis of a written agreement we realize the real estate trust  management.

Trust management of houses and apartments

Trust management of real estate in Latvia is a great financial decision in cases, when the owner of the property leaves Latvia for a long time or does not reside in Latvia permanently.

Trust management of real estate in Latvia is a great method to align the exploitation costs of the property as the property starts to gain incomes.

 Property rent in Latvia is a stable income.

We do not just rent a property out - we:

- fill vacancies

- advertise your property

- handle tenant inquiries

- find/select good tenants (solvent and disciplined)

- background and credit investigations

- rent the property at the most profitable price

- conclude a lease agreement and supervise its implementation (application processed)

- visit the object on the regular basis to ensure the safety of the property

- monitor the technical condition of the object during the rent (full service repair)

- control the payment of the rent and utility payments (rent collection)

- record and check the meter readings

- insure the property

- perform additional suggestions of the owner to control the real estate

- identify agreement breaches

- perform cleaning and laundry services

- handle tenant excuses


-provide emergency technical service 24/7


We are not intermediaries, but property managers in Latvia! Our duty is the control over performance of the agreement as long as it is in effect!

We are always ready to help you, if you do not have an opportunity to keep an eye on your apartment or house in Latvia, or simply do not want to do it.

Every month we submit to the owner the Property Management Report which includes all financial expenditures and incomes.

Trust management cost is a single payment equal to one monthly fee.

Periodic payments - from 9 to 18% of the rental cost per month.

This amount includes all the above mentioned services.